Teams are a Design Exercise with Alberta Soranzo

How do you go about putting together a design team that’s balanced, powerful and can work effectively with other disciplines? In her workshop, Alberta Soranzo helped participants learn how to assess their own skills and those of their colleagues to recruit, hire and manage a design team that works (well) together and stays together.

In this short video interview, a windswept Alberta gives an overview of her workshop and reflects on feedback from participants at UXBristol 2015:

Alberta Soranzo: Teams Are a Design Exercise from Bristol Usability Group on Vimeo.

About Alberta Soranzo

Alberta spent much of the last 20 years delivering user-focused digital solutions, creating digital frameworks that support retrieval of complex bodies of information and delivering meaningful experiences across channels, platforms and devices. Unafraid of challenging convention, she puts people at the heart of her design process and aims to create experiences which look stunning and support task completion with ease, elegance and simplicity.

She is adamant about usability, findability and making good things than anybody can use, anywhere.

Alberta is currently doing damage at Tobias & Tobias in London, where she mostly obsesses about the very small things that, she says, matter a lot.

Follow Alberta on Twitter: @albertatrebla