Harry Brignull and Andy Parker / User journey and empathy mapping

Empathy mapping and user journey mapping are two great ways distill insights from client stakeholders and subject-matter experts. What’s more they’re super-easy methods. After this hands-on training workshop, you’ll be able to use these methods in almost any scenario without breaking a sweat.

Most organisations have a lot of great knowledge but it’s spread out in different peoples’ heads. Empathy and user journey maps serve to consolidate this knowledge, analyse it and ultimately turn it into product or service concepts. These methods deliver a clear idea of who your users are, and the steps they need to proceed through in tackling the problem that you are trying to help solve.

Your facilitators Harry and Andy have used this combination of methods for a lot of clients in the past, and they’ve come up with an efficient formula with no time-wasting “fluff”. If you want to learn a great, no-nonsense workshop technique, come to this session and they’ll show you how.

Harry Brignull
Having worked for many top UX agencies and well known clients, Harry is now an independent user experience consultant helping businesses understand users and design products.

Harry’s clients have included The Telegraph, Dennis Publishing, Celesio, The Guardian, Sainsbury’s, Vodafone and many others. Prior to his UX consultancy career Harry was an academic researcher, doing a PhD in Cognitive Science and a research fellowship in CSCW & Ubiquitous Computing.

As a side project, Harry runs – a website dedicated to naming and shaming unethical businesses that profit by intentionally deceiving their customers.

Andy Parker
A believer in accessible web design, Andy is an evangelist for progressive enhancement and designing with content-first. He is passionate about developing prototypes for just about anything including furniture and is often found with a hacksaw rather than a keyboard.

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