Caroline Jarrett / Forms studio

If you ever get asked “please take a quick look at this form” – or you wish that clients and colleagues thought a bit harder about their forms before inflicting them on people in a usability test – then this workshop is for you.

I’ll start with a quick overview of my ‘three-layer model for forms’. (Actually, my passion for forms is my excuse to get involved in all sorts of fascinating topics from service design to style guides).

Then we’ll all dive into some forms – first as a team, and then in groups. We’ll pick them apart and make recommendations for how to put them back together.

Along the way, I’m sure I’ll throw in some of the latest ideas from my work with Government Digital Service on Design Patterns – and delve back into the historic challenges too.

Caroline Jarrett
Caroline is an expert at improving forms, surveys, and other interactions.

After earning a degree in mathematics at Oxford University, Caroline started work as a software engineer, moving rapidly into project management across a variety of industries, including electronic point of sale, process control systems, telecommunications, and optical character recognition of printed and hand-written documents.

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