Birgit Geiberger / Design your communication

For designers, communication about our work, selling our work, and the art of applying soft skills were always an important part of our job – but we are not really trained in these aspects. We have to explain and sell our designs to more and more stakeholders, convince our clients, and ensure to be heard during every step in the product development cycle.

In this workshop, you will learn about different communication styles, identify your own style and that of others. You will learn how to flex your style in personal and written communication, and how to adjust your presentations and deliverables to different styles.

Birgit Geiberger
Birgit is a Creative Director UX & Consultant with a passion for user experience, design, branding and people.

By applying her deep knowledge about behavioral & communication styles, she develops design and communication strategies for products, and she helps cross-functional, cross-cultural teams in creating respectful, enjoyable work environments.

She is IxDA’s Regional Coordinator Europe, founding team member of the interaction design awards, and frequently speaks at international conferences about UX & communication.

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