Andrew Grimes / Meta-moments

In UX, we seem obsessed with making digital experiences slick and seamless. We want to meet and exceed expectations at all costs. We want to remove all barriers to action and make it impossible to fail. We care about usability and conversions, but very little about thoughtful engagement.

In this workshop, we’ll look at when and how to encourage a little thoughtfulness (or Meta-Moment) in our users. We’ll learn how to deploy roadblocks (to set challenges), speed-bumps (to change pace) and diversions (to defy expectation). We’ll try these techniques out and see firsthand how they can be used to foster more attentive and more memorable experiences.

Andrew Grimes
Andrew Grimes is a Principal UX Consultant at Nomensa. He’s an experienced UX lead, with a Philosophy MA. He recently published an article on A List Apart: Meta Moments, on the subject of Meta-Moments which provides the basis for this workshop.

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